me Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Aarhus University
Office: Nygaard-391
philipp at haselwarter . org


About me

My name is Philipp Haselwarter, I’m a postdoctoral fellow in the Logic and Semantics group at Aarhus University, and PhD candidate at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Ljubljana (thesis under review). My PhD advisor is Andrej Bauer. I study the interplay of type theory, proof assistants, and programming languages. With Bas Spitters I apply language design and type theory to cryptography at the Concordium Blockchain Research Centre Aarhus (COBRA). During my PhD, I have been developing the Andromeda prover, a proof assistant that lets the user define their own type theory, and write programs proving theorems in a meta language based on algebraic effects and handlers à la Eff.